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Veterinary Student Awards

SEF Business Aptitude Award

 We are proud to announce that every year, the SEF awards $3,000 to one veterinary student from each participating school in North America through its Business Aptitude Award Program. From the total winners, one student receives $15,000 for an award-winning response to a business case study. In addition, the national award winner will receive a trip to the North American Veterinary Community Conference in Orlando in order to receive the award.


To Apply for the SEF Veterinary Student Award:

If you are a student or would like to recommend our program to an aspiring veterinarian in school, check with your schools’ Student Affairs Coordinator or contact the Simmons office in your area for details.

2018 – Cynthia Kathir

“I am very honored to accept the SEF Business Aptitude award this year,” said Kathir. “I am thankful for how much I learned throughout the process of competing for this award, and I know the knowledge will be invaluable as I proceed down the path towards practice ownership.  The award money will go towards my sizeable veterinary school loans, which will help bring me one step closer to financial independence.  I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to learn more about the process of evaluating and purchasing a clinic, and am eager to apply this in my career to reach my goal of becoming a successful practice owner.

2017 - Yuan Kang

Yuan Kang was selected for her excellent response to the SEF business case study. She was awarded $15,000 and an all-expense paid trip to Orlando where the award was presented at the National VBMA meeting. Doyle Watson, President, Simmons & Associates presented the award.

2016 - Luke Morrow

“This was an exciting opportunity for me and a great learning experience as well,” said Morrow. “In fact, while I was working on the project I was so enthusiastic about it that I told my wife I would count it "a win" even if my application was not selected because I knew I was learning how to answer real-world questions that I will soon be faced with after graduation.”

2015 - Geoff Landau

The SEF awarded Geoff Landau with $15,000 and an all-expense paid trip to the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando. The award was presented by Dr. Watson, Simmons Southeast, at the National VBMA meeting (pictured).

2014 - Daniel Brown

Danny was selected from among 30 national and international candidates based upon his exceptional response to the SEF case study. This year respondents had to present a new, modern marketing plan for a veterinary practice.

2013 - Brandon Prince

"The exploration of marketing within the veterinary profession has given me a clear picture of the dynamic business environment I will face after graduation. Rather than focusing on a single strategy or system, this process has helped me to understand the broader marketing principles and adaptability I need to be successful as a business owner."

2012 - Elisha Adkins

"Through the SEF award process, I learned a lot about how to make a business decision," Elisha said. "The term "net present value" was not in my lexicon before this project; that is certain!"

2011 - Emily Marcus

“I learned that hard work, diligence and perseverance can pay off in a multitude of ways. Not only was I able to receive significant aid financially through the generous SEF Award, but the insight that I gained into the challenges involved in running and working in a veterinary practice will last me a lifetime.”



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