2010 SEF Business Aptitude Award

2011 SEF Award Winner

Emily Marcus -- Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Emily Marcus was presented with the SEF Business Aptitude Award —which consisted of $15,000 and an all-expense paid trip to the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC) — at the Veterinary Business Management Association’s (VBMA) national meeting.

“I learned that hard work, diligence and perseverance can pay off in a multitude of ways. Not only was I able to receive significant aid financially through the generous SEF Award, but the insight that I gained into the challenges involved in running and working in a veterinary practice will last me a lifetime.” Emily Marcus

Emily was selected from among 29 national candidates based upon her resume and her exceptional response to the SEF Business Case Study. Emily is the current Senior Advisor/Representative of the VBMA and has served in the offices of vice president and president in the past. She plans to pursue an internship and residency in ophthalmology or oncology. Emily would eventually like to own a multi-specialty practice and develop veterinary medical products that will increase the efficacy and efficiency of quality veterinary care.

“It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Emily. The competition for this award was solid, and she is a very deserving winner. This award program has proven to be a successful tool for recognizing the deserving students who have demonstrated how to effectively integrate business education into veterinary practice.” Dave Gerber, DVM, a Simmons professional and SEF trustee

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2010 SEF Award Winner

John Graham – Ross University

The SEF awarded Graham with $15,000 and an all expense paid trip to the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando where the award was presented at the National Veterinary Business Management Association (VBMA) meeting.  Graham is in his last year at Ross University and is an executive member of the Ross chapter of the VBMA.  He plans on exploring opportunities in small animal surgical residencies and wants to contribute to medical product development in the veterinary field.

“The SEF award provides an opportunity unlike any other veterinary scholarship program I can think of. Not only does the SEF program challenge participants to think critically, but it drives them to analyze and understand the inextricable link between medical and business knowledge in veterinary practice,” said Graham.

Ross University is the first and only international school participant to compete in the SEF awards.  Emphasizing the importance of business education and the significance of the award to Ross, Guy St. Jean, DVM, dipl., ACVS and associate dean for academic affairs at Ross University, also attended the award ceremony. 

“The competition for this award is stiff, and John is a deserving winner,” said Dr. Guy St. Jean. “His professional aptitude and goal-oriented nature make him a good ambassador for Ross University.”

The 2010 Business Aptitude Award Winners:

Jennifer Rogan - Purdue
Brian Hartschuh - Ohio State
Katherine  Powning - Michigan State
Emily Cathleen Marcus - CSU
Caroline Cantner - Penn
Matthew  Benedick - VA Tech Maryland
Kara  Rogers - Kansas State
Abigail Whiting - Missouri
Jennifer  Uribe - Illinois
Steven  Tousignant - Minnesota
Hedda  Burnett - Iowa State
Heidi Holley - Wisconsin
Ingrid Anne Rhinehart - Cornell
Leah  Krugman - Washington State
Miles Looman-Nelson - Oregon State
Kim Tong - UC Davis
Veronica Bingamon - Western
Dana Lagaly - Oklahoma State
Jonathan Bova - LSU
Jenna Warner - Texas A&M
Richard Skalos - Ross
Nick DePompa - Auburn
Sarah  Eiman - Tuskegee
Matthew  Turner - North Carolina
Bridget  O’Connell - Mississippi State
Catherine Arthur - Tennessee
Sandra Hiemenz - Florida
Geoffrey Hall - Georgia
Bryce Tusa - Tufts

The 2011 Business Aptitude Award Winners:

Taylor Tillery - Oklahoma State
Bob Najafi - Georgia
Jeremy Gallman - Auburn
Andrea Vanderson - UC Davis
Alicia Hines - Illinois
April Van Valin - Iowa St
Jennifer Darby - KSU
Lauren Wineinger - Missouri
Holly Mariott - Texas A&M
Elisha Adkins - Oregon State
Claire Scott - LSU
Chris Magie - Miss State
Mitchell Barnett - Ross
Lesli Kibler - Wisconsin
Misti Noxoll - WSU
David Kleisch - N Carolina St
Natalie Schuster - Ohio State
Laura Seheult - Florida
Joy Fuhrman - Colorado State
Baye Williamson - Tenn
Ashley Craig - Tuskegee
Thomas Robinson - Mich St
Kursten Roderick - Western
Holly Stewart - Penn
Mike Mallard - Purdue
Victoria Long - VA-MD
Lisa Thompson - Minnesota
Lily Nieh - Tufts
Ingrid Anne Rhinehart - Cornell

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